What’s Going On at the Polynesian Cultural Center


Have you heard of the Polynesian Cultural Center? There isn’t one complete sentence that can fully describe it; part theme park, part luau, part educational center, there’s almost too much going on there to list! This expansive family attraction is about an hour drive from Waikiki, and promises a full day (or more) of entertainment. Here’s why you should visit and what you should see when you’re there: Visit With Six Polynesian Cultures All In One Day The Polynesian Cultural Center is partly divided into seven separate villages: Tonga, Tahiti, Marquesas, Samoa, Aotearoa, Fiji, and, of course, Hawaii. For anyone trying to pack a lot of sightseeing and education into a short trip, these villages are your number one reason to visit the Center. Each location is populated with natives … [Read more...]

Big Waves on Oahu’s North Shore

Each year since 1986, if and when the conditions are just right, the Eddie Aikau Surf Meet is held at Waimea on Oahu's North Shore. Although famed for its big waves, only when there promises to be truly monster surf does the event come together and big wave surfers from all over join the locals in competing in this event. Unlike other big wave competition which allow for surfers to be towed into the waves, competitors here must paddle themselves out through the waves. The result is what many call the purest big wave surfing event around. It can be hard for outsiders to catch this event -- while regularly falling in January, the actual date is determined each year by wave conditions. The 2009/2010 event was held in mid-December and won by Greg Long. But visitors to Hawaii should … [Read more...]