Things to Do in San Diego Waters

things to do san diego waters

Anyone putting together a list of things to do in San Diego should take care to include attractions by San Diego's waters. With over 70 miles of coastline, it's easy to spend a day (or two!) exploring the waters with family and friends. Here's a look at San Diego's best beaches and attractions that get you closer to that pristine Pacific water: Beaches & Boardwalks Start your exploration of San Diego waters with a stop at the beach. A walk or bike ride along one of San Diego's many coastal paths and boardwalks will give you a good sense of San Diego beaches. The Oceanfront Boardwalk … [Read more...]

World Bodysurfing Championships in San Diego


Everyone knows that Southern California, with its sandy beaches and monstrous waves, is a haven for surfers. However, unless you’re a local, you may not know that bodysurfing (without the board) is nearly just as big of a deal. If you’ve never seen the adventurous men and women who practice this sport throw themselves into the giant waves and plunge through the water, you’re in for a show next weekend in San Diego. The 36th Annual World Bodysurfing Championships will take place just adjacent to the Oceanside Municipal Pier on August 18th and 19th. This unique competition is one of the … [Read more...]