Sailing the Pacific


When you are staying on an island, what better way is there to explore the landscape and seaside attractions than sailing? Public or private sailing trips not only put you in the middle of breathtaking ocean views, but also get you up-close and personal with Hawaii’s local waters wildlife. There’s lots of exploring to be done, and here top sailing-related things to do in Oahu: Makani Catamaran Sail The ultra-comfortable Makani Catamaran Sail two-hour cruise excels in its luxuries: each Makani catamaran is a U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel that offers a full bar, a covered cabin … [Read more...]

Must Do Things in Oahu

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As home to the world-famous city of Waikiki, the state’s capital city, and the majority of Hawaii’s population, Oahu is usually the first stop for tourists new to the islands. There’s certainly no scarcity of things to do on the majestic island nicknamed “The Gathering Place.” As a first-time traveler, your only concern should be experiencing the diversity of Oahu’s attractions, which include history, entertainment, sight-seeing, ethnic cuisine, and unique culture. The activities on this list are are the best of Oahu - so don't miss out on your trip! 1. Experience a Waikiki … [Read more...]