Visit SkyDeck Chicago

SkyDeck Chicago

Looking to make your Chicago vacation more exciting? Take a ride to the top of the world-famous Willis Tower and explore SkyDeck Chicago. The observatory deck of the building formerly known as the Sears Tower is located exactly 1,353 feet above ground level – that’s one heck of a view! The 103rd floor is an excellent vantage point for all of your panoramic views of downtown Chicago, greater Chicagoland, and even Lake Michigan. SkyDeck Chicago is a top attraction in one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings and is a must-see destination for first-time visitors.. Of course, SkyDeck Chicago is more than just an elevator ride – it’s also an informative, interactive museum for visitors to learn all about the history of Chicago. Engaging exhibits and historical photographs comprise … [Read more...]

Things to do on Father’s Day in Chicago

Chicago architecture

Father’s Day is getting closer by the day. Do you know what you’re going to do with Dad? A visit to the Windy City to check out some of the top Chicago attractions could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Normally you might buy a Father’s Day gift from Sears and bring it home. This year change things up a little bit and bring Dad to Sears - the Sears Tower that is. Recently renamed the Willis Tower, this iconic Chicago landmark is one of the tallest buildings in the western hemisphere and a true sight to behold. Visitors to the top of the 1,353 foot-tall tower are offered 360 degree panoramic views and can see four states at the same time. If heights aren't Dad’s thing (or yours) there are plenty of Chicago Bike Tours to go on. Rent a bike and cruise around the scenic city … [Read more...]

2012 Taste of Chicago Festival

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Summer is all about mouth-watering seasonal food and outdoor family fun. As usual, Chicago is turning up the heat with the Taste of Chicago, “A 4-Star Feastival of Food and Fun.” The famous Taste of Chicago is the world’s largest food festival, held every year in Grant Park. For 5 days this July, Chicagoland will turn into a vibrant hot spot that's one of the best things to do in Chicago for foodies or fun-lovers. The 32-year-old festival, which averages more than 2.5 millions visitors annually, is a celebration of Chicago’s diverse culinary community—every year the tradition is spiced up with new and exciting elements. Admission to the 2012 Taste of Chicago, which takes place on July 11-15, from 11 am – 9 pm, is free to the public. Food and beverage tickets are sold in … [Read more...]

The Amazing Life of Jellies at Shedd Aquarium

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It seems impossible that any animal could survive without blood, bones, or brains. Yet jellyfish have been gliding through the oceans for millions of years without any of these three “essentials.” In fact, the body of a jellyfish is 95% water! The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago is now offering the opportunity to take a closer look at these fascinating creatures⎯for a limited time only⎯ in their newest exhibit: Jellies. Jellyfish are a mysterious creature and are difficult to study because of their fragility, varying sizes, and uneven distributions. This exhibit is an exclusive chance to learn about 11 different species of jellyfish, from the aptly named Umbrella Jelly to the vibrant Northeast Pacific Sea Nettle. You’ll discover wild facts about these incredible sea creatures. … [Read more...]

7 Romantic Things to Do in Chicago

Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier

With fall on the way, now is the time to plan a romantic getaway with your sweetheart—the weather will be perfect for evening cuddling in soft sweaters or walking hand in hand in the crisp autumn air. Believe it or not, Chicago is a surprisingly romantic place for lovebirds, despite the hustle and bustle of the Windy City. It's full of luxurious hotels and charming bed & breakfasts, as well as intimate restaurants to share an elegant meal. Plus, you'll make unforgettable memories while experiencing the multitude of attractions Chicago offers. Picture yourself cozying up to your mate as you take in the spectacular Chicago skyline while the sun sets. If that's not romantic, what is? Need some help thinking of romantic things to do in Chicago? Here are 7 suggestions for you and your … [Read more...]

The Best Chicago Family Attractions

The gorgeous Chicago skyline in the evening.

One of the great things about Chicago as a vacation destination is that there are endless things to do for travelers of all ages. The dozens of state-of-the-art museums and renowned landmarks are fun for kids and parents, and family-friendly hotels and restaurants make your Chicago family vacation all the more convenient. Chicago also boasts lots of community-oriented parks and entertainment, which means you’ll find plenty of free and inexpensive activities for your family to enjoy. So where should you go on you’re Chicago family vacation? Try not to be overwhelmed by all the opportunities; whatever you decide to do, remember to relax and make the most of it. One of the best parts of Chicago is just being there. Keep your eyes open for the magnificent architecture that manifests … [Read more...]

10 Cool Things to Do in Chicago in the Summer

Bike and Roll Rentals in Chicago

If you're going to be in or around Illinois any time over the summer you definitely want to check out some or all of these 10 cool things to do in Chicago: Go On a Few Bicycle Tours What better way to enjoy the sights and the sun at the same time than with a Chicago bicycle tour? Bike Chicago offers tours that are fun and suitable for riders of all ages and abilities. Embark on the Amazing Lakefront tour to discover beaches, gardens, and lagoons, or opt for the Friendly Neighborhood tour to see some of the city’s most luxurious homes, cobblestone sidewalks, and beautiful parks. Visit Wrigley Field Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, no visit to Chicago is complete without a stop at Wrigley Field. Wrigley is the second oldest ballpark in America, and the highly-recommended … [Read more...]

Where Did Sears Tower Go? It’s Now the Willis Tower!

“I can’t find Sears Tower.” It may sound crazy to say about one of the tallest buildings in the world, but we’ve been hearing it a lot. People go looking for it on the web and come to the conclusion that it’s gone. Rest assured the building is still there. It’s still extremely tall. It’s arguably better than ever. But it has a different name. No, the building formerly known as Sears Tower has not changed its name to an unpronounceable symbol. It is now known as the Willis Tower. Willis, a large reinsurance firm, bought the naming rights to the building and not surprisingly changed the name. Just to make things slightly more complicated, the observation deck has its own name: Skydeck Chicago. Originally completed in 1973, the then Sears Tower was the tallest building … [Read more...]