103 Floors Straight Down

The Ledge — Sears Tower SkyDeck

For those scared of heights, the Sears Tower Skydeck was probably never on their list of “must-see’s.” But the new glass floored observation point will undoubtedly thrill those looking for the ultimate view from the United States’ tallest building.

“I’m not going out on that thing” is one common reaction to the just opened addition to the Skydeck, named “The Ledge.” But even more common is an exclamation of amazement (with perhaps a tinge of fear) from those who have stood looking between their feet 103 floors straight down. And yes, a very high percentage of the younger visitors do seem determined to lie down on The Ledge as you can see from the photo above taken opening weekend.

Anytime you make changes to an iconic structure it must been done with care. “The Sears Tower has always been about innovation. For this new Skydeck experience, we have kept with that tradition.” said Bill Baker of SOM, the building’s original designers. “Cantilevering out from the site of America’s tallest building, the viewing platform will all visitors to see the incredible city of Chicago literally beneath their feet.”

According to Randy Stancik, the GM of Skydeck Chicago, it was clear “the Ledge” was going to be a hit long before it opened on July 2nd. He knew from all the forehead prints on the windows that people were straining to get a look down the side of the Tower.

Looking down from The Ledge in Sears Tower

Maybe you have never been, or maybe you’re a Chicago native who has been to the top a number of times. Either way, with the Ledge you have a whole new reason to go. If you need another, the Sears Tower Skydeck is one of 30 attractions included in the Go Chicago Card or make it one of your three choices with a Chicago Explorer Pass — two great ways to experience the best things to do in Chicago while saving money in the process.


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