Things to Do in Orlando for Valentine’s Day

Looking for new things to do in Orlando this Valentine’s Day? We’ve come up with a quick list to get you started – but hurry! There’s only about a week left to plan. Here’s a look at what you can do to wow your date in Orlando this Valentine’s Day:

Make the Most of Your Park Pass

Most Orlando vacations typically include a visit to a top-rated amusement park like Disney World or Universal Studios. Grab your date and your park pass and head over to your favorite park for the night, no reservations needed. You’ll never run out of things to do or see, and a walk through the park after sundown may prove pretty magical. Think of the fun you’ll have trying to hunt down a secluded spot to steal a kiss, or the thrill of riding a roller coaster holding the hand of someone you love.

If you don’t have a park pass this vacation, you can still take advantage of the free shopping centers for parks like Disney World or Universal Studios. Both Downtown Disney and Universal’s CityWalk have plenty of restaurants, street food, and live entertainment to keep you busy for the entire night. Take your date down to the water to watch the sunset, then spend some time exploring.

Take it Outside

Orlando’s warm weather makes it easy to plan outdoor dates for Valentine’s Day. There are over 100 parks in the city – pick your favorite, pack a picnic, and enjoy an easy-going night with your date. You can catch a free outdoor movie like Sleepless in Seattle in Winter Park or The Vow at the Leu Gardens. And if movies aren’t your thing, you can always plan a bike, hike, or kayaking trip during the day before settling down in a park at night. Or do both – the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour is the perfect complement to its Popcorn Flicks in the Park event.

It’s also to remember just how easy it is to get to the beach from Orlando. Plan a day trip to Miami with the One Day Miami Tour or take a Cocoa Beach Day Tour before indulging in fresh seafood at a restaurant by the water. And what can get more romantic than a walk on the beach after dessert?

Find a Twist on the Traditional

If you’re more of a dinner and a movie dater, you can still plan a one of a kind Valentine’s Day date. Orlando has some unique dining experiences on the menu – take the Valentine’s Day Experience at DRIP, for example. They offer the average Valentine’s day fare – a four course menu, live music – along with colored sand, flying paint, and beer that comes in orange, yellow, red, or blue. Don’t worry though, the sand won’t be in your food. DRIP is a live performance backed by a rock and roll band during which dancers move and play in colored sand and paint for what their website describes as “an explosion of color and movement”. You will get a little messy, so dress is casual. The Valentine’s Day event will even provide you with a white t-shirt to protect your clothes and provide you with a souvenir to take home.

Orlando also has its own takes on ballet, theater, and art which you can take advantage of this Valentine’s Day. Think Cirque Du Soleil instead of traditional ballet; Improv Comedy instead of Shakespeare; and Nude Nite in Orlando instead of the traditional museum. The number of things to do in Orlando on Valentine’s Day are endless.


  1. Mommy2One says

    Wonderful Post with Great ideas!
    When my hubby took me for our anniversary we went to Cirque Du Soleil and it was like nothing I’ve ever seen before!!!
    I can’t explain how unique and captivating it was!
    Just wanted to share with you! :)

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