Things To Do in San Diego: Get a Move On

Looking for new things to do in San Diego? Well get a move on! San Diego’s mild climate and 300+ public parks make it the perfect winter destination to explore outside. Whether you walk, bike, kayak, or even go-kart, here’s how to get going in San Diego:

Walking Tours of the City in Motion

San Diego is ranked in the top 20 most walkable large cities in the United States, and for good reason. Neighborhoods like the Gaslamp Quarter are easily navigable with big open streets, and provide a number of shops, restaurants, and clubs to entertain you while you make your way around.

The Gaslamp Quarter Walking Tour offered every Saturday will introduce you both to the area and its significant history as the first settled area of modern San Diego. While you will hear about the Quarter’s more than 90 historical buildings dating as far back as the early 1800s, you’ll also be party to some lewd gossip about San Diego’s former Stingaree Distrcit, which was home to the city’s “undesirables” during the late 19th century.

If you’d like to talk a walk and do some exploring on your own, the County of San Diego provides free walking route maps through its Walks in the City program. Walks range from just under a mile to two and a half miles and run directly alongside San Diego Bay. These routes are perfect for more independent minded travelers looking for a starting point for their walking tour of the city. Maps are available for download on the county’s website.

Bike Along San Diego’s Coast

San Diego Bike and Kayak Tours gives visitors the opportunity to experience 7 miles of curving coastline with custom maps and easy to use bike paths. The ride offers up numerous sightseeing opportunities, such as the sea lions at Children’s Pool or the 12 Green Dragons Buildings in downtown La Jolla.

There are also a more than 65 miles of bike and hiking trails in Balboa Park, San Diego’s 1200 acre park. You can download a complete map of park trails on the park’s official website, complete with park landmarks and marked difficulty levels for each trail. Perhaps the best advantage to biking or hiking in Balboa Park is the large number of museums, rides, and other attractions you can visit whenever you decide to take a break. Balboa Park is the home to the San Diego Zoo, after all.

Speed Up at the Speed Circuit

Looking for things to do in San Diego with a little more speed? The Miramar Speed Circuit has what is considered one of the finest indoor race tracks in the United States. The quarter mile track – designed by professional racers – allows drivers to travel up to 40 mph around hairpin turns and other technical challenges. You’ll be able to track your race time up to one thousandth of a second, so there will be no debate between friends about winners and losers.

And if you’re tired all from all that walking, biking, and racing, you can always take it slow at the Air and Space Museum in Balboa Park. See how airplanes, jets, and even rocket ships get a move on by touring the museum’s many exhibits. Highlights include the high number of historic aircrafts and models, including a gallery of World War I fighter jets.

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