Labor Day in Los Angeles

If your are planning to be vacationing in the Los Angeles area over Labor Day Weekend, you might not necessarily have a BBQ to go to or a grill of your own to fire up. This year, you could try saving the burgers and dogs for later and instead spend the day at one (or more) of the fun Los Angeles Attractions that the City of Angels has available.

For a quality aquatic experience, Knotts Soak City can’t be beat. Knotts has a wide variety of rides and attractions that will appeal to people who want to relax in the water as well as people who are looking for a little bit more excitement.

Thrill-seekers may enjoy Banzai Falls, a six-lane slide that dispatches riders headfirst on a mat from a 41-foot-tall platform. Knotts Soak City also has high-adventure rides like Old Man Falls – a 63-foot-tall speed slide- and Pacific Spin – a multi-person raft ride featuring a 132-foot long tunnel that drops its riders 75 feet into a six-story funnel that’s filled with 5,500 gallons of swirling water. (Try saying that five times fast.)

On the other side of the coin, there are chilled-out attractions like the Sunset River. On the 1,780-foot-long Sunset, riders can lazily float down one of the longest and widest water park rivers in the world while they check out the scenery at Knotts Soak City.

Another (albeit unconventional) way to spend Labor Day is by going on a Hollywood Homes Tour. See landmarks like Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Strip and the iconic Hollywood sign tucked up in the hills from the comfort of an air-conditioned minibus. Have your camera at the ready, because the two-hour Hollywood Homes Tour will takes your past the residences of famous stars like Madonna, George Clooney, Jack Nicolson, Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore, Denzel Washington, John Travolta and many more! The tour may also make a stop at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

For those who want to do even more potential star-gazing, there’s the Dolby Theatre Tour. Fans of artists like Alicia Keys and the Dixie Chicks or award shows like the ESPYs and the BET Awards may recognize the classically-designed Dolby Theatre from television. And, oh yeah, the Theatre also hosts a little event called the Academy Awards… See what this venue looks like when the cameras are off and get up, close and personal with an Oscar statuette as part of the Dolby Theatre Tour.

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