Things to do on Valentine’s Day in NYC

The most romantic holiday of the year is fast approaching, and many of us are still searching for that perfect date idea. If you’re looking for things to do in New York City this Valentine’s Day, here’s our list for special Big Apple romance. From art and architecture to flowers and dining, we’ve got the classics covered, with a few quirky and uniquely New York ideas sprinkled in.

The Romance of Art

Mankind has been turning to art to show their love for centuries. A visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art this Valentine’s Day weekend is sure to nourish your lover’s soul. While you won’t be able to get any of these sparklies for your loved one, you absolutely won’t want to miss the “Jewels by JAR” exhibit. Featuring several hundred exquisite pieces of work by one of the most talented jewelers of the twentieth century, this collection of Parisian artifacts is sure to dazzle you both. You’ll find exotic stones, rare hues, and startling color combinations, joined into an elegant and timeless form. Check out the jeweled flower blossoms for an especially seasonal treat.

Valentine's Day in New YorkThe Metropolitan Museum of Art also has some romantic and artsy programming over the course of the weekend, including the “Meet your Match” cocktail and art session on February 14, and the “Pillow Talk: Beds and Bedrooms” tour of the Museum’s more intimate exhibits. Feel free to enjoy a romantic dinner at either of the Met’s popular restaurants, both serving special Valentine’s Day menus this weekend.

Romance up High

The Empire State Building has a reputation as one of the most romantic buildings in the world – in no small part due to its history of having served as the location for any number of romantic films, lovers’ rendezvous, and even proposals. You can also get married at the Empire State Building, although that might be an idea best saved for the future! Take a ride to the top, day or night, and enjoy that soaring feeling of being on top of the world. Re-enact “An Affair to Remember” and meet exactly at 7:01 pm. Then, you can enjoy a fun and flirty meal at some of the nearby restaurants (although we do recommend heading away from Times Square to avoid crowds). Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of the special lighting effects in honor of Valentine’s Day – the top of the spire will be lit with alternating red and pink sparkles on February 13 and 14.

Valentine's Day in New York

The Haupt Conservatory at the New York Botanical Garden. You’ll find beautiful exotic plants inside!

Romance Outdoors

Now we all know that February isn’t the ideal time of year to be outside in the Northeast, you can’t cross a romantic stroll off your list of things to do in New York City on Valentine’s Day. Walk through some of the city’s best parks, like Central Park or Prospect Park, and enjoy the beautiful snow-covered landscape. Or, if you’d prefer the romance of nature without the reality of the weather, try a visit to the New York Botanical Garden or the Brooklyn Museum & Botanic Garden. While you can’t pick the flowers for your partner, you can enjoy the sights and scents of these natural wonderlands. It’s also a nice riot of color to brighten up the monotones of New York in winter. You also can’t go wrong watching the ice-skaters at the Rockefeller Center rink, or tying on a pair of skates yourself! Remember “Serendipity”? Everyone has his favorite romantic spot outdoors in New York City, one that brings back that special memory every time you return. Find yours this year!

The Romance of the Body

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little sensuality? Some of the most romantic things to do in New York City for this lovers’ holiday are about a celebration of the human body, in all its glory. Try a visit to the one-of-a-kind Museum of Sex, a truly educational and enlightening tour of humanity’s relationship with sex. You’ll see art and artifacts spanning the aesthetics of black and white photography to comic books and pop art. It’s not all about art, either – you’ll find some of the most important and compelling conversations about human sexuality in the world represented in the programming and exhibits at this museum. And of course they’re doing something special for this sexiest of holidays! The “In the Garden” separately-ticketed packages include everything from cocktails and multi-course tasting menus to some special surprises.

As you can see, romantic things to do in New York City come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re more of the traditional flowers and dinner kind of couple, or the kind who like to enjoy something new and original, we hope these ideas inspire you this Valentine’s Day!

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