Visit SkyDeck Chicago

Looking to make your Chicago vacation more exciting? Take a ride to the top of the world-famous Willis Tower and explore SkyDeck Chicago. The observatory deck of the building formerly known as the Sears Tower is located exactly 1,353 feet above ground level – that’s one heck of a view! The 103rd floor is an excellent vantage point for all of your panoramic views of downtown Chicago, greater Chicagoland, and even Lake Michigan. SkyDeck Chicago is a top attraction in one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings and is a must-see destination for first-time visitors..

SkyDeck Chicago

The view straight down from SkyDeck Chicago.

Of course, SkyDeck Chicago is more than just an elevator ride – it’s also an informative, interactive museum for visitors to learn all about the history of Chicago. Engaging exhibits and historical photographs comprise a comprehensive history of the building itself, from construction to present-day use. Of course, the history of any piece of architecture in Chicago is inextricable from the history of the Chicago cityscape itself – making a visit to SkyDeck Chicago an effective complement to other architectural attractions like the Frank Lloyd Wright Home or the Chicago Architecture Cruise (a Smart Destinations fan favorite).

SkyDeck Chicago

A view of the Willis Tower from across the Chicago River.

If you’re brave enough, take a few steps out onto “The Ledge,” an all-glass balcony that extends four feet out into space from the building’s edge. It’s a great photo opportunity, but is not for the faint of heart! Fun fact: Visitors can actually see glimpses of four different states from atop this national landmark. You may encounter a bit of a security line if you visit in the heart of the day (roughly 10-3), so we recommend trying to get there early (although the line does move very efficiently if you happen to encounter one, so don’t stress too much if you can’t work it into your schedule in the morning). SkyDeck Chicago is also easily accessible via multiple public transit routes – check out the CTA’s website for trip planning assistance and fares.

So if you haven’t been lucky enough to scope out Chicago from the stunning vantage point of SkyDeck Chicago, be sure to add a stop at this popular attraction to your itinerary. We promise, you’ll be glad you did!




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