What’s Going On at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Have you heard of the Polynesian Cultural Center? There isn’t one complete sentence that can fully describe it; part theme park, part luau, part educational center, there’s almost too much going on there to list! This expansive family attraction is about an hour drive from Waikiki, and promises a full day (or more) of entertainment. Here’s why you should visit and what you should see when you’re there:

Visit With Six Polynesian Cultures All In One Day

The Polynesian Cultural Center is partly divided into seven separate villages: Tonga, Tahiti, Marquesas, Samoa, Aotearoa, Fiji, and, of course, Hawaii. For anyone trying to pack a lot of sightseeing and education into a short trip, these villages are your number one reason to visit the Center. Each location is populated with natives from these Pacific cultures, who will introduce you to different arts and activities particular to their home during designated presentation times. For example, if you visit Samoa, you’ll learn how to build a traditional fire by rubbing sticks, and how to crack a coconut using only a small pebble. There’s also an opportunity to purchase handcrafted souvenirs at the Polynesian Marketplace, as well as dine on authentic Polynesian food at the Center’s Banyan Tree Snack Bar.

Spear-Throwing, Tree-Climbing, and Canoe Racing – oh my!

During your village visits, you’ll get access to some exciting not-your-everyday activities: a Tahitian villager can perfect your spear-throwing to hit a coconut 20 feet away; a Samoan village native will instruct you in the skill of climbing coconut trees (though good luck); or race against family and friends in Polynesian canoes. There’s no limit to the unique physical experiences at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

“Think Broadway, Then Add Flaming Knives.”

Don’t worry, this isn’t as scary as it sounds – the Polynesian Cultural Center is mostly known for its luaus and evening events and this season they’re presenting Hā: BREATH OF LIFE daily from 7:30-9pm. Combining blazing fireknives with dance, music, and special effects, the performance is a spectacle not to be missed. The Center also offers luau and buffet dining options in the evening; the most popular is the Ali’I Luau, which has been described as Hawaii’s most authentic luau. You’ll see traditional hula dancing, receive leis, and have a great time.

Combining a trip to the Center with some tropical activities like a popular Oahu Island Tour, or a visit to the lush Waimea Valley will guarantee you a jam-packed vacation that misses none of Oahu’s must-see sites. Also, don’t forget to check out over 30 other attractions (including admission to the Polynesian Cultural Center) on our Go Oahu Card for great savings.

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