Where Did Sears Tower Go? It’s Now the Willis Tower!

The Ledge — Sears Tower SkyDeck

“I can’t find Sears Tower.” It may sound crazy to say about one of the tallest buildings in the world, but we’ve been hearing it a lot. People go looking for it on the web and come to the conclusion that it’s gone.

Rest assured the building is still there. It’s still extremely tall. It’s arguably better than ever. But it has a different name.

No, the building formerly known as Sears Tower has not changed its name to an unpronounceable symbol. It is now known as the Willis Tower. Willis, a large reinsurance firm, bought the naming rights to the building and not surprisingly changed the name. Just to make things slightly more complicated, the observation deck has its own name: Skydeck Chicago.

Originally completed in 1973, the then Sears Tower was the tallest building in the world until 1998. At 1,450 feet (1,704 if you count it’s antenna), the now Willis Tower is plenty tall.

And no matter what name you use, the views from Skydeck Chicago at the top of the Willis Tower are not just as good as they were when it was called Sears Tower, they are better. At least as long as the thought of being able to look straight down 1,353 feet is your idea of “better.” The folks at Skydeck Chicago have put glass viewing platforms that extend out from the walls of the building. By standing on what is known as “The Ledge” you can not only look up and out, but straight down between your feet.

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  1. Charlie Berger says

    I’ve been to the Sears Tower. It’s been years but you take an express elevator up to the observation deck. If I remember correctly, it only takes 40 seconds to reach it’s destination. And yes…It is a very tall building.
    Love the blog. :)

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