Where to Buy Souvenirs in NYC

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Did you know that nearly 40 million tourists from all over the nation and the world visit New York City each year? Sometimes called “the cultural center of the world,” NYC is perhaps the most iconic American city. Given the city’s importance and popularity, you’ll surely want something to remember your trip by (as it’s sure to be a visit you won’t want to forget!). For the best souvenirs, skip the generic gift shop items and instead stop in at one of these stores at the most popular and quintessential New York attractions.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Whether or not you’re an art lover, The Met Store at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has unique and beautiful souvenirs for everyone. From post cards and framed prints to fine art jewelry and apparel, everything the Met Store has to offer is distinctive, tasteful, and representative of New York City culture.

Empire State Building

The range of souvenirs at the Empire State Building, one of the top-visited New York attractions, is diverse and vast. At the Observatory Store on the 86th floor, you’ll find your typical “I LOVE NY” shirts alongside beautiful panaromic posters of the skyline, a variety of Empire State Building-themed kids toys (like LEGO sets and 3-D puzzles), and books for young and old.

NBC Experience Store

For the pop culture and entertainment enthusiasts, the NBC Experience Store at the NBC Studio Tour is a place not to be missed. Movie and TV series merchandise take the center stage here, from authentic Central Perk mugs (as seen on FRIENDS) and The Big Lebowski T-Shirts for adults to Dispicable Me plush toys for kids, everyone’s bound to find something they can’t leave without.

Grand Central Terminal

Though sometimes overlooked by first-time tourists, the Grand Central Terminal Gift Shop is often cited as one of the best places to buy souvenirs in New York City. They’ve got absolutely everything here, including eight distinct collections organized by theme (Arts for Transit and Times Square Collection, for example). With a variety of children’s souvenirs, books and technology accessories, vintage memorabillia, unique jewelry, hip home décor, and an impressive map collection, the Grand Central Terminal Gift Shop has it all.

Times Square

When wondering around Times Square, you’ll surely find that its full of souvenir shops of every variety. While there are many, many options to choose from depending on your interests, our suggested favorites are the Disney Store, Grand Slam (for all you Yankees or Mets fans), and the Gift Shop at Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Wherever you go in NYC, you’ll find that almost all popular New York attractions have affiliated gift shops or gear. These are usually the best places to buy souvenirs because you’ll actually have visited the attraction and can now associate your souvenir with it!

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