“World’s Greatest” a Great Way to See the City of Seattle

The World’s Greatest Seattle Walking Tour is the humble name for a two and a half hour tour around downtown Seattle, Belltown, and Pioneer Square. The tour takes you up close to the many sights of the City as your tour guide gives you insights about the characters and events that grew Seattle from fledgling backwater outpost to burgeoning 21st century city.

Pike Place Market (watch out for flying fish), WTO riot, grunge, Nordstroms’ headquarters, Pioneer Square, Belltown, Seattle Art Museum, the original Starbucks store, Klondike Gold Rush, Great Fire of 1889, Post Alley, the monorail, Smith Tower, the city’s rich sports history, and more all help this walking tour earn its name.

The tour starts at Westlake Park across Pine Street from a… (wait for it) a… Starbucks! How perfect is that?

The World’s Greatest Seattle Walking Tour is also now a part of the World’s Greatest Seattle Attraction Pass! OK so it’s just called the Go Seattle Card, but it’s pretty great. Along with the Walking Tour, the Go Seattle Card provides free admission to 35 of the City’s best sights and activities, including the Space Needle, the Museum of Flight, the EMP, Argosy Cruises, and a whole bunch more. Check out the complete list of Seattle attractions.

For those worried about the effort involved in taking a 2.5 hour walking tour, the distance covered is about 1.5 miles which is almost entirely flat or downhill. So put on some comfortable shoes and enjoy a great way to see and learn about the City.

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