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Full Day Snorkel Adventure tickets

Gate Prices Adult $29.00
Child (3-12) $29.00
Check out the stunning and varied marine life around San Diego's coastline by snorkeling. Spot dolphins, garibaldi fish and sea lions, while splashing in the crystal clear water. With this snorkel package, you're ready to dive in.

San Diego is a maritime city—there’s no question about it. Many residents will tell you the best way to experience the town is from the water or the sand, and these two natural features should play a prominent role in your visit. With average year-round temperatures of 70 degrees, it’s highly likely that you’ll want to take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water and check out some of the stunning marine life that calls the waters around San Diego’s La Jolla neighborhood home. Bike and Kayak Tours, Inc. has just the thing for you! Rent a full set of snorkel equipment when you visit, and spend a full day splashing around and soaking up the sun.

If you’ve never tried snorkeling, you are really missing out on a beautiful experience. Safer and way more affordable than diving, snorkeling lets you see the marine life and coral from the surface of the water without having to come up for air, and without having to wear heavy oxygen tanks.

Be sure you slather on a nice layer of sunblock, pre-snorkel, or you’ll find yourself with a very uneven tan (or burn) line after a few hours in the water! However, Bike and Kayak Tours will even throw a wetsuit into your snorkel package so you don’t really have to worry. You’ll also have, in addition to your snorkel and mask, a set of flippers that will propel you through the water and let you find, and keep up with the beautiful marine creatures (but don’t touch!).

San Diego is one of the world’s more ecologically diverse areas, and its marine life reflects that. So much so, in fact, that the Scripps Institute of Oceanography decided to call La Jolla home, and has a marine research center here. What marine creatures might you see on your snorkeling adventure? Here’s a quick peek:

  • Garibaldi: The beautiful orange and blue fish that has been dubbed the “official marine fish” of the state of California. These stunning little creatures can be seen swimming near the La Jolla Caves, and usually linger near coral and rocky bottoms.
  • Dolphin: You know what these are, and La Jolla’s got lots of them! Usually seen herding fish from the local kelp beds, these marine mammals are normally visible in the mornings and late in the afternoon. Tip: Look for flocks of sea-birds, which usually indicate the presence of dolphins!
  • Sea Lions: You might see some of these funny-looking guys splashing around in the La Jolla Ecological Reserve, but your best bet is to look at the top of the La Jolla Caves, where they are usually seen in abundance. Don’t get too close though, these cute lions are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

While snorkeling, you may also be lucky enough to see the bizarre-looking Shovel Nose Guitar Fish, or even a harmless Leopard Shark swimming around in the kelp forest! One thing is for sure—you will thoroughly enjoy your snorkeling adventure in this marine-paradise, so bring the whole family and get ready for some sunny fun, San Diego style!

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Getting In

Reservations required, please call (858) 454-1010 to make a reservation.

Please note: you must have your Pass with to receive your snorkel gear.


Daily, 8:00 am to sunset.
Off-season and winter hours vary.
Subject to inclement weather and ocean conditions.


Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Fourth of July, and may include other major holidays.
Holiday closures subject to change without notice.


2158 Avenida De La Playa
La Jolla, CA 92037

Driving Directions

Call attraction for directions or visit the website.

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Just a heads-up on this "Adventure"!
By Shelly from San Jose, CA on
Bottom Line:
No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Comments about Smart Destinations Full Day Snorkel Adventure:

I am a mom of two kids, ages 11 and 6. I picked this excursion to go along with the San Diego Zoo. This excursion says it's for beginner snorkeling. Here is what happened with us. We show up at Bike and Kayak Tours, Inc around 10 a.m. They give us our wet suits. There is not one small enough for my 6-year-old daughter. (I was a bit surprised at this because this excursion says children as young as 3 can participate) We ask the staff where we go for the snorkeling. They tell us to walk straight down to the water and take a left turn. We do that but are soon asked to leave because that is a private resort beach. Besides, there was no where to snorkel anyway! It's ALL beach with pretty good-sized waves coming in. We try walking ALL the way to the left but there is a big cement wall with large waves crashing against it, so no where to go! SO I then have to take my kids all the way back to the Bike and Kayak Tours, Inc. My 6 year old is sobbing, my 11 year old is not very happy either! We get back and I tell them I was under the impression there was somewhere pretty with calm waters (like in a cove) that we were going to be snorkeling at. They just tell me that basically you're just renting the wet suits and that's it. So they offer us a boogie board for the three of us, but I already have boogie boards in the car! What a complete disappointment and waste of money for a family that is already on a very tight budget. I did ask for my money back since we didn't even get in the water or put the masks on but that wasn't a possibility. The only reason I have it one star is you do get the wet suits all day, until 7 p.m. My girls are young, though, and didn't want to wear them just swimming at the beach!LOL!

Smart Destinations Response: Hi Shelly, Thank you for letting us know about your experience so we can relay it back to this attraction and also bring it to the attention of our regional director. We apologize on their behalf and hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip in San Diego.
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