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Smart Destinations was founded to aggregate the ticketing and marketing of the things people do when they get to their travel destination. The "last unwired space in travel" required a system that was robust enough to meet the demands of both travelers and the myriad museums, tours, attractions, restaurants, and shopping partners that those travelers visit.

The result is a flexible and scalable platform that currently operates across 15 destinations with over 800 terminals deployed. Our growing network has already powered over 3 million visits using our smart cards and corresponding terminals.

The proof is not just found in the number of visits to date. The overwhelmingly positive customer word of mouth, the endorsement of some of the worlds finest museums and attractions, and the continued partnership of the leading travel sites all attest to the reliability and benefits of the Smart Destinations platform.

Our platform is easy to use – both for customers holding one of our passes and for the businesses and organizations that accept it as a ticket. Customers hand it over as they would any other ticket, and ticket agents "dunk" the card in one of our terminals. It is that easy. The terminal validates the visit, records it, and reports it for financial, record keeping, or other needs.

Joining Our Program

But our technology would be nothing without the participation of our many attraction, dinning, shopping, and distribution partners. If you are interested in becoming a partner, we want to hear from you. We have established programs for:

Wholesale and Distribution Partnerships

Smart Destinations products are sold online and in-market by leading travel, tourism, and destination businesses, both in the US and worldwide. The rapidly growing segment of "destination services" offer unique opportunity for both online and offline sales and distribution. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale account, so we can discuss the opportunity.

Custom Solutions

Smart Destinations is best known for our Go City Cards and Explorer Passes, but we also provide white label, co-branded, and custom product solutions. We have the ability to create passes tailored to our partners needs – be it using attractions already included our program, a completely new set of inclusions, or a combination of both. Our solutions can be as simple as changing the branding on our cards to that of our business or marking campaign or as complex as opening an entirely new city or region. We can create products that are subsets of our existing offerings, or are entirely new in their composition and/or rules sets.

By way of example,

  • We have built ticketing networks for partners looking to aggregate a group of attractions onto a single ticket, be it in one area of a city or an entire region.
  • We have worked with hotels, airlines, attractions, and other travel companies looking to create a Pass for them to resell or bundle with their primary offering.
  • We created passes for retail partners looking to offer their customers a unique travel offering.
  • We have created passes for destinations looking to market their location to media, trade, and end-consumers.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunities to create a Pass specific to your business or organizations needs, please about your needs.

Go Boston Card and cardreader

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The Wall Street Journal …explore top U.S. destinations at an affordable price and enjoy VIP treatment like skipping the lines at popular attractions.

Road & Travel Magazine …the flexibility to see what you want, when you want, and how many times you want - without worrying about paying for each individual activity.

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