Mother’s Day Travel Discounts and Gifts

Mother’s Day is about appreciating the women in your life, and finding a way to thank them for everything they’ve done for you and your family. So in addition to a lovely breakfast in bed – an idea you can never go wrong with – you’ll want to think of the perfect gift for Mom this year.

Conventional gifts have their benefits: flowers always brighten up a girl’s day, and everybody loves chocolate. But if you’re looking for a gift that’s more adventurous, something perfect for the Mom whose idea of a perfect weekend is roaming California Wine Country, or exploring the Boston Harbor by boat, consider picking up a travel gift this Mother’s Day.

Because let’s be honest, with all that Mom does for you year round, she deserves a vacation. Travel gifts are the perfect way to contribute to her trip. Large or small, every little bit helps make her getaway that much better. Here’s a list of some of the best gifts you can give to the adventurous mom in your life.

Travel Gifts 2Destination Guides

This is a whole field unto itself in the publishing industry, and usually a separate section in the bookstore. Along with maps and directions, travel guides provide information about popular attractions, scenic routes, and information about the local culture for their subject city. The good ones even have suggestions for unique places to dine or shop – although, be wary, the more information in them, the bulkier the guides can be, and the harder to carry around on your trip. Frommer’s is probably the best line of travel guides, although Fodor’s is also excellent. You can pick most guides up in your local bookstore or online.

Attraction Passes

Some vacations are all about the sun, sand, and surf, while others aim to hit all the art galleries and museums in the city. Either way, the cost of these attractions can start to add up. A good way to make a stress-free vacation for Mom is to give her an all-inclusive discount attraction pass. These passes cover the admission costs to all partner attractions – everything you would want to see and do in a city – and often come with extra benefits, like the ability to skip lines or get discounts at gift shops and even restaurants. With one little pass, you’ve eliminated the hassle of multiple tickets, long purchase lines, and even more paper to keep track of.

Travel Gift 3Travel Accessories

If Mom is an avid traveler, this is the type of travel gift you can never go wrong with. Even the most experienced explorer will enjoy specialty travel items, and there’s always something she doesn’t have. Help her travel in style with unique luggage tags or carry-on bags; many contemporary designers even offer special travel lines. For trips with a lot of airtime, consider picking up some accessories to make her trip more comfortable. Specialty headphones, travel pillows, and even compact blankets make good choices in that category.

All of these choices make the perfect travel gift for Mom this year. Choose one, or pick up something from each category. Help her take the vacation she deserves this year as your way of saying thanks.


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    Can i please get a place in Africa to go to for Mothers day like a fun FESTIVAL or casino cause we are in last minute Mothers day gifts so if you can please can you e-mail me back if you have or dont have…


    • mrecco says

      Sorry that we could not help you out last-minute! We are really limited to U.S. destinations… But I hope your Mother’s Day was great! Wish you the best.

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