Compare New York CityPASS vs. New York City Explorer Pass

Trying to decide between New York CityPASS and the New York City Explorer Pass?

We put together all you need to know to compare these New York multi-attraction passes, so you can rest assured you’re getting everything you need for your trip at the best value.

  • How it works
  • Pricing
  • Included attractions
  • Ease of use
  • and more…

How the Attraction Passes Work

The biggest difference between the New York Explorer Pass and New York CityPASS to keep in mind while considering prices and benefits is how each pass works.

Biggest differences between the New York City Explorer Pass and CityPASS New York


Winner: New York Explorer Pass

If you’re looking for the most flexibility, the New York Explorer Pass is the best choice – you can choose the number of attractions you want to visit and which attractions you want to visit as you go.

Attraction Choices

Winner: New York Explorer Pass

With over 55 attractions to choose from, the New York Explorer Pass is a clear winner. More choices allow travelers to tailor their itinerary as they go to make up for weather changes, time constraints, or interests among the group.

Time to Use

Winner: New York Explorer Pass

The New York Explorer Pass allows visitors 30 days to use their Pass once it’s activated compared to CityPASS’s nine.

Ease of Use

Winner: New York Explorer Pass

Both the New York Explorer Pass and New York CityPASS are easy to use, but the mobile delivery and ticketing option makes the New York Explorer Pass the best choice for any last-minute travelers or in-market travelers who don’t have access to a printer.

New York Attraction Pass Pricing

Depending on who’s in your party and what attractions you plan to visit, one pass might be better than the other in terms of value.

Compare prices of the New York City Explorer Pass vs. CityPASS

Overall Savings

Winner: New York Explorer Pass

Depending on the attractions you choose to visit, the New York Explorer Pass offers greater potential savings of up to 50%, and sometimes even more.

Traveling with ‘Kids’ Between Ages 13-17

Winner: New York CityPASS

If you’re traveling with multiple kids between the ages of 13-17, CityPASS provides the most savings as their child passes include ‘kids’ up to the age of 17, while the New York Explorer Pass child passes only cover kids under the age of 12.

Included Attractions


Number of Choices 

Winner: New York Explorer Pass

The New York Explorer Pass lets visitors choose all of the attractions they visit from 57 options while CityPASS only lets visitors choose three out of six with the three choices limited by either/or options.

Ability to Tailor Itinerary to Interests

Winner: New York Explorer Pass

More options allow a greater ability to tailor itineraries to specific interests. Whether a visitor wants to go to all the top museums, do more of the outdoor activities, or even skip an attraction that they’ve done in the past, the New York Explorer Pass gives travelers a greater ability to customize their itinerary.


  1. Carol potts says

    Hi, i have purchased an NY exporer pass, could you tell me how to prebook attractions on line. I have had no success so far.


    • Casey Makovich says

      Hi Carol,

      Have so much fun on your trip to New York!

      Not all attractions require reservations in advance. For those that do, you can find information about making reservations in the “Details” tab on that attractions page on our site, If you still need help, please give our customer service a call at: (866) 629-4335.

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