Florida Manatee Attractions

If you like Manatees, you need to get to Florida! For example, the Miami Seaquarium prides itself on not just exposing its visitors to the wonders of the array of Manatees, but also in rehabilitating and contributing to species conservation efforts. Nicknamed the “Sea Cow” for their gentle and docile disposition, manatees are federally endangered animals on the cusp of extinction. Although federal and Florida law prohibit injury or harm to manatees, ship strikes, toxic marine algae, and habitat destruction are often the cause of their ever-increasing vulnerability.

Manatees are non-aggressive animals that are predominantly occupied with 6-8 hours of daily feeding, and 2-12 hours of rest each day. They are curious animals who like to travel, investigate, and interact. Manatees play a critical role in controlling vegetation that can obstruct Florida waterways, and also in fertilizing the underwater flora. Their passive demeanor is marveled at and admired by many, and close to 70,000 people visit Florida each year with the hope of spotting one of these kind wonders. At the Miami Seaquarium, you can gain a glimpse into the unique attributes of the manatee.

Visit the Manatee Exhibit at the Miami Seaquarium and have an up-close encounter with the state marine mammal miami manatee conservationthrough poolside and underwater viewing areas. Not only will you learn about their fascinating particularities and personalities, but you’ll also learn how you can contribute to the conservation prerogatives to preserve manatees. The Miami Seaquarium does their role in manatee protection by means of education, support of organizations, and independent rescue and rehabilitation efforts.  Since 1958, they have been proud to release a number of recovered manatees into their natural habitats, a rare feat that the Miami Seaquarium is always esteemed to achieved.

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The Miami Seaquarium is also home to a variety of other fascinating species to engage with, marvel at, and learn more about – including sea turtles, the killer whale, pinnipeds, harbor seal, California sea lion, the loggerhead turtle, and other underwater friends!

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