New York Attraction Closings for Government Shutdown

As you are probably are aware of at this point, the powers that be in the United States Government have become embroiled in a disagreement that has resulted in many factions of the federal government being closed until further notice. While the shutdown will obviously be temporary, there are some affected areas in the interim and certain destinations and attractions which are no longer open to the public.

Statue of Liberty is closed for Government Shutdown

Statue of Liberty is closed for Government Shutdown

Besides the symbolism of the government’s Twitter account being shutdown, there is perhaps no other greater symbolic closing than the Statue of Liberty being blocked. In addition to the Statue of Liberty being closed,
Ellis Island and the George Gustav Heye Center of the National Museum of the American Indian are also shutdown.

Even though the Statue of Liberty is closed down (for now) there are still plenty of things to do and see in the lower parts of NYC. The New York City Downtown Attractions package by Smart Destinations saves you 28% on admission to the Empire State Building and Hop On/Off Bus Tour! Save money!

Despite the fact that an estimated 50,000 New York City residents who work at federal agencies are now on forced vacation, passport offices remain open as do offices that deal with federal student loan programs. The National Weather Service is still open and military personnel and federal prison guards also continue to be paid; Air traffic controllers continue to work as well.

But the Statue of Liberty being off-limits? They weren’t kidding about that being closed. From Tuesday’s edition of the New York Times:

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

Haiyan Wang’s 9-year-old nephew, Tony, had been “wanting to go inside the Statue of Liberty for a long time,” Ms. Wang said Tuesday morning at Liberty State Park in Jersey City.

She said her visiting relatives did not really comprehend what had happened in Washington because “the Chinese government never closes down.

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