Have a Whale of Weekend at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

This February 18th and 19th, come celebrate the annual migration of the Pacific gray whale with a wide variety of whale-related activities at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. This event celebrates the annual migration – the longest migration, in fact, of any species – of the Pacific gray whale, which travels 10,000 to 14,000 miles round trip all the way from the arctic seas to the warm waters of California and Mexico. At this time of year, whales can be seen from the west end observation deck of the Santa Moncia Pier.

Here’s a quick look at ho w you can celebrate with the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium:

*   Get to know the whales – personally: You’ll get the chance to feel the heft of a whale rib, run your fingers over some bristly baleen, and try on some whale blubber for warm – but don’t worry, it’s only simulated.
*   For the kids: Face painting and free whale visors!
*   For the curious: Aquarium naturalists and representatives of the American Cetacean Society will be staffing a wildlife observation station where you can use some binoculars to spy on local birds, marine life, and of course, whales, at the western end of the pier.
*   For everyone: The event is hosting film screenings, recycling contests, and unique activities based around the seaweed based snack Cool Cups™

Everything takes place from12:30 to 5:00pm both Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss out! And check out our Go Los Angeles Card for a great deal on admission to the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium as well as over 40 of Los Angeles’ other top attractions.

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