Hawaii Whale Watching Discounts and Tips

This winter, tourists aren’t the only ones flocking to Hawaii to escape the cool temperatures of the north for warm, tropical weather of the Islands—the humpback whales are well on their way, too! Make sure to get in on the action with our Oahu Whale Watch Package, featuring three Oahu attractions that provide prime whale watching opportunities.

Humpback whales migrate from the Gulf of Alaska to the warm, shallow waters encompassing the Hawaiian Islands every year during the winter months. Since that’s over 3,000 miles of travel, it’s quite apparent that the entire North Pacific humpback whale population has chosen Hawaii as its favorite destination. Chances are, once you experience Hawaii, you’ll understand why they keep coming back!

You can catch the whales frolicking off the coast right from the island of Oahu, a destination many vacationers choose because of its world famous attractions and diverse landscapes. What’s more, you makapuucan explore the scenery of beautiful Oahu while on the lookout for protruding whale tales with the Makapuu Lighthouse Hike and the Diamond Head Hike. A guided two-hour venture to the historic and idyllic Makapuu Lighthouse offers stunning views from a vantage point you can’t get anywhere else on the island; including a stop at the Halona Blow Hole where you’ll be able to spot whales off the shore. The Diamond Head Hike offers another unique opportunity for adventure and sightseeing from the summit of a 3,520-foot-wide volcanic crater. You’ll have a full 45 minutes of free time for exploration at the top, 720 feet about sea level, to keep your eyes peeled for majestic humpbacks. Makapuu Lighthouse Hike discount tickets and Diamond Head Hike discount tickets are both available with the Oahu Whale Watch Package.

The best way to whale watch in Hawaii might be to get in the ocean yourself aboard the Makani Catamaran, a luxurious passenger yacht. The #1 sailing adventure in Hawaii is better than ever during the winter whale migration, as it naturally transforms into a whale watch cruise. As you sail through the crystal-clear waters, keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales, as well as dolphins, sea turtles, and other native Hawaiian marine animals. Use Makani Catamaran Sail discount tickets to seize the incredible opportunity to see a whale breach and splash back into the waters of the Pacific.

In addition to the humpback whales, Oahu is full of wildlife, both of the land and sea variety, that are native to the area. Snorkel the North Shore or go on the Hanauma Bay Snorkel adventure to see vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish of every color, and Green Sea Turtles. Discovery, wonder, and awe are trademarks of an Oahu vacation, and your Oahu whale watching and wildlife venture should reflect this!

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