Huntington Library Opens New American Art Galleries

Art lovers visiting the LA area this summer are in for a delightful surprise – the beautiful Huntington Library is about to open up a brand new expansion of their American Art galleries. Be sure to stop by the Huntington for a few hours to check out the new space; it’s bound to be a fantastic addition to a culturally inspired Los Angeles vacation. The new space debuts on July 19th.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the place (and it is a little hidden in San Marino), the Huntington is a unique cultural center that combines a little bit of everything – lush botanical gardens, a world-renowned research library, and several well furnished art galleries. Now, they’ve expanded their American Art gallery by adding five new rooms (previously used as storage space) – that’s a lot more space for art! The expansion means that over 100 new works of art can be displayed to the general public, most of which hail from the twentieth century.

Los Angeles Art Museums

George Bellows, “Summer Fantasy,” 1924. oil on canvas.

The American Art galleries as a whole include work from the late seventeenth century to the present day, although most of the works that have been on display are from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This new expansion allows for the Huntington Library to invest more gallery space in twentieth century art from multiple genres. Featured artists include Edward Hopper, George Bellows (see right image), Arthur Dove (below), Charles Sheeler, Grant Wood, and Elie Nadelman, among others. Visitors will find a variety of pieces from painting and prints to sculpture and decorative arts – a diversity of work from the Ashcan School, Pop Art, and the Depression era. The American Art collection at the Huntington is the fastest growing collection in this relatively young museum, and these new galleries are a vital addition to its continued success.

Los Angeles Art Museums

Arthur Dove, “Lattice and Awning,” 1941. oil on canvas.

Those of you LA travelers who love art might also like to check out the downtown Museum of Contemporary Art, or the MOCA Los Angeles. While it’s quite a different museum experience than the Huntington, it’s a great complement in terms of exploring a diversity of American art. The MOCA also features twentieth century art, but its collections expand across to Europe and into the twenty-first century. You’ll find a curated selection of work from the Pop Art and Abstract Impressionism movements to work by emerging and contemporary artists.

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