L.A. Natural History Museum Butterfly Pavilion

Beginning on Sunday, April 13 at the L.A. Natural History Museum, the Butterfly Pavilion will be opening up again for the 16th straight year. Featuring 30 free-flying species of our colorful airborne friends, the Butterfly Pavilion is definitely worth seeing before it closes up shop on September 1.

The majority of the fluttering flyers in the Pavilion will be native to the GoldenState, but there will be 10 species that are arriving from South Florida and Texas for the event. All of the butterflies will fly amongst the nectaring plants within the outdoor exhibit and the Pavilion will have somewhat of a subtropical feel as well.

Listen as male Grey Cracker butterflies distinctively crack their wing as they patrol their territory and watch the day-glow green Malachites float through the air as they usually do in southern regions of the United States. There will also be local black-and-cream colored Mourning Cloak caterpillars on hand, although they won’t be flying, they’ll be snacking on arroyo willow leaves.hibit and the Pavilion will have somewhat of a subtropical feel as well.

Curious children and inquiring adults can ask the roving NHM Gallery Interpreters any butterfly facts that they want to know and have their questions promptly answered with the use of an iPad that’s been preloaded with useful images and information about metamorphosis, butterfly anatomy, and breeding habits.

For visitors who would like to get a butterfly to land on them, there’s no surefire method. However, there are a few things that the Butterfly Pavilion recommends doing to get one of the insects to “come in for a landing.”

-Stand Still

-Wear a Hat

-Make Yourself as Tall as Possible

-Visit the Pavilion between 10 and 11 a.m.

In addition to the Butterfly Pavilion itself, the L.A. Natural History Museum will also be home to the PollinatorGarden when it opens on March 20 as well as play host to the 28th annual Bug Fair on Saturday May 17 and Sunday May 18. More than 70 vendors flock to the biggest bug festival in North America and give enthusiasts the chance buy bugs and bug merchandise as well as enjoy cuisine from some of the most popular bug cooks in the world.

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