Mass Creativity Day at Children’s Museum of San Diego

Mark your calendars! It’s almost time for the Mass Creativity Day at the new Children’s Museum of San Diego. You won’t want to miss this day-long outdoor event on June 22nd that celebrates the art and projects of community members, and provides numerous activities led by authentic San Diego artists. This event is a wonderful opportunity to experience the vibrancy of San Diego’s local community, while participating in dynamic, hands-on activities!

Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, the New Children’s Museum is one of the prime San Diego attractions. It is home to art studio spaces, fascinating exhibits, and countless entertaining, educational activities. Equipped with a café, abundant seating, quiet space for parents and infants, and an outdoor park, this museum is truly enjoyable for all members of the family. The New Children’s Museum workshops are always changing, so be sure to explore every corner of this environmentally sustainable structure! Current exhibits include:

  • TRASH:
    In this exhibition, learn about the issues associated with waste production in America and some of the ideas on how we can change the way we see trash. The prerogative is to re-imagine these waste products and turn them into art. Kids will be given the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and create their own recycled artwork!
  • Cloud City:
    A project engineered by Sarah Holbach, this exhibit transformed the Improv Studio into an environment that merges the sea and the sky, complete with ‘dream boats’ – with a little imagination, you can charter these ‘dream boats’ through the air!
  • Great Pacific Garbage CATCH:
    Learn how to save our oceans with hands-on experiments. Drop plastic objects down the ‘waste ramp’ and attempt to prevent the waste from entering the sea!

Just down the road is another remarkable educational San Diego experience – the Maritime Museum! Home to the oldest active ship in existence, as well as the world’s deepest diving submarine, witness some the most extraordinary ships as you delve into the fascinating maritime history of the western world.

And don’t stop learning there! Reserve some of your vacation time to visit the renowned San Diego Museum of Man. Observe one of the most important ancient Egyptian collections in the United States, explore the compelling history of man in the Footsteps Through Time: Four Million Years of Human Evolution, and peruse the many exhibits dedicated to the human experience.

You can see these attractions and more for one low price with the San Diego Attractions Pass – and your visit to the New Children’s Museum is free with purchase. To see what’s included in your Go San Diego Card purchase, check out the Smart Destinations site!


  1. mcaullum says

    seems a perfect place to visit with children it really helps to learn more and develop the creative part of the child

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