Oahu Tourism Discounts

Hawaii’s majestic scenery and tropical year-round weather make it a tourist’s dream come true—though we’re sure the natives don’t mind it either! On the Island of Oahu, you’ll find that everyone seems happy to be there and to show you some Hawaiian hospitality. It’s know wonder it’s known as “The Gathering Place.”

While many travelers cite their budget as a reason not to go to Hawaii for vacation, it’s possible and even very doable to vacation in Hawaii without burning a hole in your wallet. You can start with Oahu tourism discounts for dozens of top Oahu attractions. From touristy Waikiki to the wild North Shore, you’ll have access to it all.

Does kayaking the North Shore sound enthralling? What about snorkeling in Hanauma Bay? Feasting and dancing at a traditional Hawaiian Luau? You can do all these things and many more with a Go Oahu Card, an all-inclusive discount attraction pass that’s build for convenience and flexibility, with savings of up to 55% off admission prices.

Here are some other awesome attractions available at discounted prices with a Go Oahu Card:

Secret Island Beach: The scenery here at Kualoa Ranch is so picturesque that it’s been filmed many times for popular films and television shows, including Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates and Hawaii 5-0. Now imagine yourself here on a secluded beach with unparalleled views of Kaneohe Bay. This Secret Island adventure encompasses three hours of unlimited access to all the facility’s amenities, including kayaking, volleyball, canoeing, and standup paddle boarding, plus a bus tour of Moli’i Gardens and a canoe ride on an ancient fishpond.

Makani Catamaran Sail: A luxurious two-hour cruise aboard the Makani Catamaran is a unique Hawaii experience out on the open waters of the Pacific. In addition to be being Hawaii’s top sailing adventure, this cruise also doubles as a whale watch in season, so you can get the best views of humpback whales from November to March.

Diamond Head Hike: Mt Leahi, better known as Diamond Head, is the most famous volcanic crater on earth. Inactive for 150,000 years, it’s now the perfect place for hiking, culminating in a 760-foot summit with amazing views of the coastline and the gaping 3,520-foot wide crater below you.

germaine's luauLooking for more Oahu attractions and other ways to see them. Also make sure to look into the Go Select Oahu pass, for those who would rather pick which attractions they’d like to see by building a custom pass. You can also opt for one of the pre-made Go Select Oahu Packages, like the Popular Hawaii Three Pack.

As you can see, Hawaii offers something for everyone, so don’t write it off before looking into all your options for savings. When you’re lying on the beach looking out from under a palm tree at the crystal clear waters of the Pacific, you’ll know the extra planning was worth it.

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