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Experience the beauty and wonder of the ocean in a totally unique way at SeaWorld Orlando. From animal exhibits and creature performances to exhilarating rides, slides, and other attractions, there’s so much to do at SeaWorld that you can spend an entire day here! It’s long been a family favorite attraction and should be a must-see on your list.

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Tips for Visiting SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando

  • Follow Seaworld Orlando on social media for the latest updates on rides, shows, and other attractions.
  • Parking is available for around $17.
  • Download the printable park map and plan your day before you go.
  • It’s also important to check the ride height requirements in advance so no one gets disappointed about rides they can’t use.
  • It takes about 6 hours to fully explore SeaWorld, so plan to spend most of or an entire day here.
  • Save on admission to SeaWorld Orlando with a Go Orlando® Card.
  • If you’re a huge animal fan, it might be a good idea to set aside some time (and a little extra money) for an animal encounter!
  • The Manta Coaster (especially the first few rows) provides a super splashy experience –expect to get totally drenched on this ride.
  • Central Florida can get incredibly hot and humid in the summer, so be sure to hydrate and wear plenty of sunscreen.

When to Visit

SeaWorld Orlando is an extremely popular attraction, so it’s only realistic to expect lines whenever you visit. If you want to at least begin your visit with fewer crowds, an early morning start is best.

What to Bring

  • Comfortable shoes or flip flops
  • A towel or two
  • A bathing suit
  • Extra clothes
  • A waterproof camera
  • Waterproof sunscreen
  • A hat
  • Bottled water or a water bottle.

What to Do at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is an extensive park, filled with tons of diverse exhibits, rides, and shows. Here is a selection of the park components that we think should be at the top of your list.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

SeaWorld Orlando

This new exhibit takes you down to the world of icy Antarctica along with a friendly little penguin named Puck. Enjoy a family-friendly ride, then explore the penguins’ realistic habitat. View the penguins from above or below in this comprehensive exhibit.

Dolphin Cove

Image Credit: SeaWorld Orlando

Image Credit: SeaWorld Orlando

Watch the dolphins splash and frolic in this fun exhibit. It’s among the largest interactive dolphin pools in the world, and anyone who loves these adorable creatures can’t miss it. You can even opt to upgrade to an individual dolphin encounter!

Shark Encounter

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

The underwater viewing tunnel in this exhibit is one pretty impressive sight. Where else in the world can you find yourself totally underwater in the midst of dozens of terrifying predators?

Shamu’s Happy Harbor

Image Credit: SeaWorld Orlando

Image Credit: SeaWorld Orlando

This area is specifically designed for the kids and features several great rides ranging from gentle to exciting. Rides include “Jazzy Jellies,” a tea cup-style ride that’s jellyfish-themed; the interactive “Net Climb”; the gentle “Ocean Commotion” tugboat; and more!

Manta Aquarium

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

Peer into ten lush aquariums filled with over 3000 marine species. You’ll even see several different species of ray and a massive Pacific octopus! Be sure to check out the 360 aquarium, too, which immerses younger visitors in a vibrant sealife environment.

Waterfront Market Place

This is a relatively new addition to the park and features shopping and dining options for SeaWorld visitors. It’s a relaxing place to close out the day or a good chance to take a break around lunchtime. Don’t forget your little stuffed Shamu!

Turtle Trek

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

Turtle Trek is a 3D, 360-degree theatre that shows unforgettable footage about the plight of sea turtles. Follow the life of the sea turtle NYAH, from the moment of birth to the many challenges that follow. Enjoy the stunning realism and beautiful imagery of this multimedia experience.

Pacific Point Preserve

Image Credit: SeaWorld Orlando

Image Credit: SeaWorld Orlando

Enjoy the playful antics of sea lions and seals in this exhibit. Get a chance to feed these fascinating creatures as you learn all about their habitats, mannerisms, and way of life. Don’t forget to say “hi” to the famed Cha Cha the sea lion while you’re there!

Sky Tower

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

Image credit: SeaWorld Orlando.

One of the original rides in the park, the 400-foot tall Sky Tower is one charming, retro ride. Take a leisurely ride down the pillar and enjoy stunning views of Orlando. Bring your camera on this one!

The Manta Coaster

Among SeaWorld’s signature rides, the Manta Coaster is the only flying coaster of its kind in the world. Dip, dive, soar, and fly – you’ll feel like a seabird, flitting across the waves. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind adventure, and then pop down to the Manta Aquarium.

One Ocean


Shamu’s iconic show sees majestic killer whales “dancing” through awe-inspiring leaps and dives. Watch them splash through massive fountains and enjoy the sight of their graceful figures soaring through the air.

Conservation & Rehabilitation Efforts

SeaWorld is more than just an entertainment destination, it’s a leader in conservation and rehabilitation efforts for marine animals from around the world. With more than 50 years of responding to wildlife crises big and small, SeaWorld Orlando has been able to save the lives of thousands of injured or endangered creatures, including sea turtles, manatees, and many marine birds.

With a visit to SeaWorld you’re not only given the opportunity to learn about these animal rescue efforts, but you’re actually contributing to the resources that allow SeaWorld Orlando to successfully rehabilitate so many creatures.

Nearby Attractions

SeaWorld is conveniently located near the famed I Drive in Orlando, putting it within a quick drive of many other great attractions. Add these to a larger touring itinerary alongside the park!

Places to Eat Nearby

Whether you want to stay and dine in the park itself or venture out for dinner, you have plenty of great dining options to enjoy.

  • Shark’s Underwater Grill is the popular restaurant at SeaWorld – don’t forget to reserve a table to ensure your spot.
  • Looking for something affordable and quick? Try Panera or Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • If you’re aiming for a more upscale dining experience, Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse is a good choice.
  • Pub fans will want to check out David’s Club Bar & Grill.
  • Thinking seafood? The Oceanaire Seafood Room is a great high-end option.
  • Yard House offers an extensive selection of craft beers and delicious and sophisticated pub food.
  • Families with kids can enjoy a wide variety of chain restaurants from Denny’s and IHOP to McDonald’s.

Need to Know


Open daily. Hours of operation vary seasonally, so consult the park’s operating calendar for current information.

Address & Directions

7007 SeaWorld Drive
Orlando, FL 32821

Driving Directions: Intersection of Interstate 4 and FL 528 (Bee Line Expressway), 10 minutes south of downtown Orlando and 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport.

From the North (Downtown Orlando, Universal Studios, Sanford, Deland, Daytona): Take I-4 West to exit 72 (Beachline Expressway/FL-528/Airport). Once on the Beachline, take the International Drive exit.

Save on Admission

So be sure to spend a day at SeaWorld Orlando on your next vacation – you’ll have the time of your life. And remember, with the Go Orlando® Card you can save on admission to SeaWorld Orlando, plus up to 55% on combined admission to many other top Orlando attractions.
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