Smart Destinations’ GO Holiday Deals Countdown

Smart Destinations is launching an exciting new holiday sales campaign for the 2013 holiday season – GO Holiday Deals! Beginning today through December 25, 2013, Smart Destinations will be offering a series of exclusive 48-hour flash sales on their top travel gifts and products to help holiday shoppers save. You can find deals on everything from free express shipping to extra savings on Go City Cards, with fun surprise deals in between. These special sales make your holiday shopping easier and more fun!

Our GO Holiday Deals will be available in the form of an exclusive promo code that’s good for 48 hours only. You can find the codes on the Smart Destinations Facebook page or through the GO Holiday Deals site. Each promo code contains a different sale opportunity for our customers, including savings like discounts on Go Select Packages and Passes, various free shipping options, and extra discounts on the most popular Go City Cards. Each 48-hour code is different, so be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new throughout the month!

Gift of Go City Attractions PassGo City Cards and Explorer Passes are good for one year from the date of purchase, so travel gifts purchased this December can help your loved ones explore any time of year. Go Select Passes and Packages are also good for one year, and can be used over the course of a month, making them ideal options for variable travel schedules. (We even have a number of holiday-themed packages, like the New York Holiday Attractions Pass!) Many of Smart Destinations’ best-selling travel gifts are even available for instant virtual delivery, providing a convenient and eco-friendly option for loved ones who prefer to plan their travel digitally.

For more ideas on how to give Smart Destinations’ award-winning products as travel gifts this year, visit the Gift of Go section of our Smart Destinations Travel Blog. With sales this good, you’ll save enough to pick up a Go City Card or two for yourself! Visit today for more information about the GO Holiday Deals and for more travel gift ideas.


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