Smart Destinations Summer Photo Contest

Have you ever taken a photo while you were on vacation that you thought was perfect? Maybe it was a picture of that fish you caught while you were off the coast of Miami or maybe it was a shot of that super comfortable bike you rode around Central Park when you were in New York City? Now there’s a way you can share that photo with the world (and maybe even win something for it!!!). Sponsored by Smart Destinations, the Summer Photo Contest will hand out prizes for photos of picture-perfect moments that were captured while contestants were on vacation. Go Boston Card discount attractions pass

There are two ways to win the Summer Photo Contest. One prize will be handed out to the “Fan Favorite.” To
win in that category, it’s pretty simple. Just submit your photo and get the most “Likes” on Facebook to win. Winners will be selected in both July and August so if you don’t win the Summer Photo Contest on your first attempt, try, try and try again.

The second way you can win the Summer Photo Contest is by impressing the folks at Smart Destinations with your photographic skills. The Smart Destinations Choice award will be handed out in July and August to the shutterbug who turns in the photo that the people who are running the Summer Photo Contest like the most. (Here’s a hint: Pictures that show Go City Cards or Explorer Passes will get bonus points…more on that below)

Now let’s get to the good stuff – the prizes. Summer Photo Contest winners will receive Go City Cards or New York Explorer Passes to the city of their choice.* If you’re not already aware, Go City Cards and Explorer Passes are some of the best ways for travelers to take advantage of everything that a city has to offer. (If you win and already have a Go City Card or New York Explorer Pass, you can have your previous cards reimbursed.) These all-inclusive passes will save you up to 55% on combined admission prices for top museums, tours, and attractions.

Besides offering maximum flexibility by giving you the opportunity to visit as many or as few of the included attractions as you want, Go City Cards and Explorer Passes also will save you cash and, more importantly, time. (Pass-holders skip the ticket line at many top attractions.) The passes also come with a free full-color guidebook packed with extra discounts and special offers. If you want to get your hands on one, entering the Summer Photo Contest is probably a pretty good idea.

Check out the list of the cities and the number of attractions that Go City Cards and Explorer Passes can be used at:

Boston: 53 attractions

Chicago: 25 attractions

Los Angeles: 36 attractions

Miami: 35 attractions

New York City: 56 attractions

Oahu: 36 attractions

Orlando: 46 attractions

San Diego: 45 attractions

San Francisco: 29 attractions

*Certain contest restrictions apply. Click here for more contest details.

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