10+ Things to Do in Dubai with Kids for an Fun Family Vacation

While everyone knows that Dubai is a delightful destination for adults looking to enjoy the luxurious experience of a lifetime, you should also know that it’s a great family destination, too.

There’s a wealth of kid-friendly attractions, from glow in the dark mini-golf to the KidZania. So what are you waiting for? Plan that family getaway to Dubai today!

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A few fun things to do in Dubai with kids are…

  • Aquaventure Waterpark
  • Mattel Play! Town
  • BOUNCE Trampoline Park
  • Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Green Planet Indoor Rain Forest
  • LEGOLAND® Dubai
  • And more!

Please keep in mind that some of the attractions listed in this post may be separately ticketed and not be currently included with the Go Dubai Card.

Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure-Waterpark-at-Atlantis-The-Palm-2Part of the amazing resort complex Atlantis the Palm, the Aquaventure Waterpark combines the best thrill rides with the top educational animal exhibits. You can enjoy dozens of slides and rides that involve playful and exhilarating water conditions.

Then, head to their animal exhibits where you can feed cownose rays and explore the Shark Lagoon. Adults will particularly appreciate the private beach, and kids will love the opportunity to splash in the gorgeous clear waters of Palm Jumeirah.

Getting In: Admission to Aquaventure Waterpark is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Mattel Play! Town

Meraas-Mattel-Play-Town-6Another ideal attraction for younger children, Mattel Play! Town allows your kids to see their favorite TV characters in their own worlds, vividly depicted by costumed characters.

They’ll get to see figures and scenes from Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Thomas & Friends, and more. It’s a perfect way for kids to turn a love of TV stories into something active.

Getting In: Admission to Mattel Play! Town Dubai is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Tee & Putt 18-Hole Mini Golf

18-Hole-Glow-in-the-Dark-Indoor-Mini-Golf-3What’s better than a nice round of mini golf with the family? Well, indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf, of course! This unique attraction is tons of fun for everyone, and offers a special spin on your favorite vacation pastime.

The setting is playful and exciting, with charming artwork and challenging courses to keep you on your toes. It’s a must-do for families visiting Dubai.

Getting In: Dubai Mini Golf admission is included with the Go Dubai Card.

BOUNCE Dubai Trampoline Park 

Bounce-Free-Jumping-Revolution-6Ok, so we know everyone loves that trampoline in their backyard. But a massive trampoline park that offers everything from acrobatic events to simple carefree bouncing? That’s where BOUNCE comes in.

This exciting destination is the perfect way for kids to burn off that excess energy, and take part in a trampoline experience like nothing else. It’s totally safe, and tons of fun.

Getting In: Admission to BOUNCE Dubai Trampoline Park is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Thrill Zone – Indoor Laser Tag

Laser-Tag-and-6D-Movies-at-Thrill-Zone-3Laser tag is a favorite activity with many kids, and it’s a fun way for the whole family to bond…over trying to take each other down!

Enjoy the exhilarating world of indoor laser tag at Thrill Zone, where you’ll take advantage of high-tech gear to explore challenging zones and enjoy the excitement of battle conditions.

Getting In: Admission to Dubai Laser Tag & Thrill Zone is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Virtual Worlds – Virtual Reality Gaming Café

Virtual-Worlds-1If your kids love computer or console games, or if anyone in your family is interested in the world of virtual reality, then Virtual Worlds is a must for you. It’s the top place in Dubai to explore the latest and greatest in VR technology in a fun and friendly environment.

It’s the perfect way to sample the tech without having to buy it, and it’s always fun for everyone to see the limits (or lack of limits!) of what human ingenuity can accomplish in new inventions.

Getting In: Admission to Dubai Virtual Worlds is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Hub Zero Indoor Gaming & Entertainment Zone

Hub-Zero-4Another top destination for gaming and fun for the whole family is Hub Zero Indoor Gaming & Entertainment Zone. This attraction features everything from laser tag to high-tech racing simulators.

They also offer an immersive theatrical experience, complete with shaking chairs, mist and fog, bass sound effects, and more. It’s the total package, and everyone will have a blast.

Getting In: Admission to Dubai Hub Zero is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Lost Chambers Aquarium

Lost-Chambers-Aquarium-at-Atlantis-The-Palm-1Another great attraction at Atlantis the Palm, the Lost Chambers Aquarium is more than just a place you go to see the amazing aquatic creatures of the world’s waters.

This fascinating aquarium is designed to mimic the underwater ruins of the lost city of Atlantis, so when you walk through each gallery area, you’ll feel as if though you’re exploring the remains of an ancient civilization.

They offer tours of the space that incorporate information about the animals with commentary on what we know about Atlantis from legend and from history. There are also special extra programs like snorkeling and aquarium dives which maximize your aquarium experience.

Getting In: Admission to the Lost Chambers Aquarium is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Green Planet Indoor Rainforest

The-Green-Planet-2It’s hard to express the full depth of wonder and amazement that characterizes the Green Planet indoor rainforest. This attraction is a place where nature seems magical, as the beauties of the wild world are brought before you eyes through demonstrations, exhibits, and recreated natural environments.

Explore and learn all about these fragile ecosystems as you tour astonishing exhibit after inspiring exhibit. It features four stories that mimic a real rainforest in the wild, from the canopy, down to the forest floor, and even on to the flooded rainforest level.

Getting In: Admission to Dubai Green Planet is included with the Go Dubai Card.

Ski Dubai

Ski-Dubai-Polar-Pass-1If you’ve ever thought that what you’d really love to do on a vacation to sultry Dubai is head out on a skiing excursion, then Ski Dubai should be your prime destination. This clever indoor park is designed to mimic a real wintertime mountain with genuine snow, so it feels and flows just like a Vermont ski resort.

Whether you want to ski comfortably down the bunny slopes or hit some serious snowboarding moves, this park has a place for you to enjoy yourself. Plus, you can’t say enough about how this is a great place to cool down after spending some time outside in Dubai.

Getting In: Admission to Ski Dubai is included with the Go Dubai Card.


LEGOLAND-Dubai-1There are few things more exciting for children than seeing the magic of LEGO brought to life. Pay a visit to the amazing LEGOLAND® Dubai and let their imaginations soar!

Explore multiple themed areas that cover everything from medieval dragons to underwater adventures. You’ll even get to play with LEGOs to make your own masterful creations. Don’t forget about MINLAND, where you’ll see local landmarks and international attractions depicted in miniature LEGOs!

Getting In: Admission to LEGOLAND Dubai is available with the Go Dubai Card.


KidZania-1KidZania is one-of-a-kind. This educational destination allows children to explore, play, and experiment in the world of adults, by donning costumes and pretending to be any number of adult professionals.

They’ll roam a real-life replica of an urban environment, complete with everything from medical facilities to beauty salons. It’s a great way to exercise their imaginations, and is especially fun for little ones.

Getting In: Admission to KidZania is available with the Go Dubai Card.

Remember to Save on Admission

As we hope has become clear, kids will adore a trip to Dubai. There are so many things for them to explore, play with, and learn about that they’ll never want to leave.

If you’re planning on heading to this amazing city on your next vacation, don’t forget to pick up an all-inclusive Go Dubai Card, which saves you up to 55% on gate admission!

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