Best Times to Visit Hawaii

In Hawaii, weather and climate aren’t really factors for when to visit, unlike many other travel destinations. The islands are in a tropical climate, with a dry season roughly from April to October and its rainy season typically from November to March; but there’s virtually never a time of year when you can’t bask in the Hawaiian sand and surf. Here’s what’s important to consider when planning a trip to Hawaii:


Though you won’t have to worry about Hawaii’s weather when making travel plans, you will have to consider the weather at home. Peak travel times to Hawaii are during the colder months when travelers are seeking out some sun, or during school vacations when families are free to travel. For a bargain, try planning your trip in April, May, September, or October to avoid these rushes.

Special Events

There are some different events to be aware of on the Hawaii islands that take place throughout the year. Include them in your travel plans if they spark your interest, or remember them for later when you’re booking flights and hotels. For instance, the Honolulu Marathon draws in over 25,000 runners, many from out of state. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect by month:

January – February: There are some big sporting events this time of year in Hawaii: the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Maui and the Sony Open in Oahu, which begin the PGA Tour season, and the AFC-NFC Pro Bowl in Oahu.

March: Honolulu hosts the annual Honolulu Festival in early March; it’s three days of art, crafts, fundraisers, dance, and music that’s mostly free to all who visit.

April – May: In Japan, the last week of April and first week of May are full of consecutive holidays that make up Golden Week, or GW. Many businesses are closed during this time, so many Japanese tourists choose this time to visit Hawaii. There’s also the Merrie Monarch Festival in early April in Hilo, Hawaii, which celebrates Hawaiian culture through such events as its world famous hula competitions.

October: The Ironman Triathlon World Championship takes place in Kailua-Kona, which invites 1,800 participants to Hawaii as well as their family, friends, and cheering sections.

December: Every second Sunday in December, Oahu welcomes the Honolulu Marathon, drawing big crowds for both its sporting event and festivals.

In short, any time is a good time to visit Hawaii – plan your budget, pick your island, and go! Make the most of your time with the Hawaiian sand and surf with these tips.

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