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New England Aquarium tickets

Gate Prices Adult $27.95
Child (3-12) $18.95
Upon arrival, playful northern fur seals will greet you from their outdoor tank. Inside, the African penguins take over welcoming duties. Highlights include a giant, four-story ocean tank and a new "touch tank," where you can actually pat rays as they swim by.

Boston may not be high on the priority list when planning a tropical vacation, but the New England Aquarium does a great job of taking you away to the diverse marine habitats of the world with 70 international exhibits, as well as highlighting those closer to home. The New England Aquarium sits right on the magnificent Boston Harbor, surrounded by stunning views, spectacular yachts and occasional cruise ships. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by four penguin species racing around at eye-level in outdoor tanks. Then you’ll be taken aback by the Giant Ocean Tank, which is the architectural core of the museum and is home to a vast Caribbean coral reef, green sea turtles, sand tiger sharks and Great Pacific octopus. Also noteworthy is the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center- a naturally lit, open-air pavilion outside the entrance that gives visitors a front-row seat to witness Northern fur seals in action. After taking in the marine life, sit back and experience an unforgettable IMAX film on New England’s largest screen at the aquarium’s own Simons IMAX Theatre.

Exhibits include:

  • Shark and Ray Touch Tank: Experience gentle contact with cownose rays, bonnethead sharks, Atlantic rays, and epaulette sharks at hand-level and learn about their fragile ecosystems.
  • Amazon Rainforest: The bizarre animals that call the Amazon River and its dense ecosystem home are here in force, including piranhas, anacondas, electric eels, and stingrays, as well as live termite mounds, rainforest trees and vines.
  • Gulf of Maine: See the famous Maine lobster! Put your wallets away, these tasty crustaceans are not for sale at market price. You’ll also see the giant sea stars, crabs, dogfish sharks, cod and halibut that reside in Maine’s cold waters.
  • Pacific Community Reef: A stunning tropical exhibit that will take you on a fantasy trip to the waters off some of the world’s most desirable Pacific islands. You’ll see coral cat sharks, unicorn tangs, blue-striped cleaner fish, palette surgeonfish (Dory, from Finding Nemo), and beautiful coral habitats.
  • Seadragons: These leafy looking creatures are truly unusual, and this exhibit houses them in their lifelike habitat, designed to replicate the waters of Australia’s temperate reefs.
  • Penguin Power! A program that lets children learn about the super-cool penguin, its natural habitats, and what we can do to protect them so these awkward-looking friends are around for centuries to come!
  • Atlantic Harbor Seals: Two seal families call NEAq Boston home, and visitors can get to know each seal’s distinct personality and traits! Learn about the aquarium’s former resident, Hoover, who was actually able to speak phrases such as “how are you?” and “come over here”. His grandson, Chacoda, now lives at NEAq and is learning to speak as well!

The New England Aquarium is wheelchair and stroller-accessible, and visitors can enjoy a meal at The Reef, a family-friendly waterfront diner. Pick up a souvenir from the Aquarium Gift Shop—all proceeds go to support education, conservation and outreach programs! Don’t miss the New England Aquarium—one of Boston’s premier attractions, which delights over 1.3 million visitors each year!

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Getting In

Skip the line by presenting your pass outside at the main ticket booth Will Call-Passes Line located at window 6. They will scan your pass and give you a ticket for entry. Present this ticket inside the Aquarium and enjoy!


January-June & September-December:
Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm;
Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am-6:00 pm
New Year's Day: 12:00 noon-6:00 pm

July & August:
Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am-6:00 pm;
Friday and Saturday, 9:00 am-7:00 pm

*All hours are subject to change without notice.


Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. All holiday hours are subject to change without notice.


The Aquarium is wheelchair and stroller accessible.


1 Central Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

Public Transportation

Take the T: Blue Line to the Aquarium stop.

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