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Lion Country Safari tickets

Gate Prices Adult $48.15
Child (3-12) $48.15

Get two parks FREE with your Pass! Take a four-mile drive through the safari with over 1,000 animals roaming within inches of your vehicle, including giraffe, zebra, rhinos, lions, wildebeests and more. Then visit Safari World Amusement Park with animal encounters (giraffe feeding, bird feeding and petting zoo), demonstrations, rides (kid's train, carousel, paddle boats, water sprayground, water slides, and more), games, shopping, food and thrills. A new water park attraction is expected to open in Spring 2019 and will be included with regular park admission!

Step into the wild unknown in the rural “outback” of Western Palm Beach County. At the time of its opening, Lion Country Safari was the first drive-through safari park in the country, and brought a new level of animal appreciation to tourists. Since that day in 1967, the park has allowed visitors to see the kings of the plains and jungle (and 900 other animals) in a natural and free-range habitat, unrestricted by the confines of cages.

At Lion Country Safari, you’ll have the chance to get close to the giants of the animal kingdom: lions, white rhinos, zebras and giraffes. Visitors can also see unique presentations at the Animal Theater, like “Flamingo Talk,” “Alligator Chit-Chat,” and “Critter Tales.” The Safari park features a four-mile drive-through preserve and even gives visitors the opportunity to try an authentic safari campout in one of over 200 campsites (additional charges apply).

Lion Country is appropriately divided up into a number of free-range exhibits that reflect the animals’ native habitats around the world. Here’s a preview:

  • Las Pampas: This grassland habitat, named for the South American prairie, is home to the Aldabra tortoise, Asian potbellied pig, Brazilian tapir, fallow deer, Florida brown pelican, llama, Marabou stork, and the South American rhea.
  • Ruaha National Park: Inspired by the woodlands and plains of Africa, this habitat lets you see some of the fastest and most agile creatures, including the impala, the greater kudu, and the aoudad.
  • Kalahari Bushveldt: See the Nile Lechwe antelope, and the intimidating Gemsbok (fighting antelope).
  • Gir Forest: Named for a famous preserve in India, this habitat is home to Asiatic water buffalo, the Nilgai (the largest Asian antelope), the blackbuck (an Indian deer that stands at just two feet tall), and the Kulan.
  • Gorongosa Reserve: This African habitat is home to lions, and given their voracious appetites, not much else. The lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away, so listen out for the blood curdling sound.
  • Serengeti Plains: Named for the most famous east African wildlife area, this habitat contains 1500 lb. Eland antelope, ostrich, wildebeest, waterbuck, and fiercely-horned Ankole cattle.

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Getting In

Present your pass directly to the ticket booth and you will receive your audio tour (cd) and park map.


Open daily. Please check the website for up to date hours.


Open 365 days a year


For your safety, convertibles are not permitted in the drive-through. Rental vehicles are available at the main office. Parking is included with your pass.


2003 Lion Country Safari Road,
Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Driving Directions

Exit Southern Boulevard
10 miles West of the FL Turnpike
Take FL Turnpike to Exit 97 or I-95 to Exit 68

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