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California Academy of Sciences tickets

Gate Prices Adult $39.95
Child (3-12) $29.95

Like a mirror for the city itself, here you'll explore the earth, sea and sky all in one magical place. Check out the 75-foot tall-digital planetarium, a natural history museum, an impressive aquarium and a four-story rain forest. Whew!

The California Academy of Sciences has it all; an entire universe under a 2.5 acre living roof! See the all-digital planetarium, a natural history museum, an aquarium AND a four-story rainforest all in one place! Experience the most comprehensive science complex around and gain a deep appreciation for the beauty and mysteries of the earth, sea, and sky! The California Academy of Sciences is not just for the academically-inclined; it’s a must-see on any traveler’s itinerary, offering something to suit everyone’s’ taste. Here’s a preview of the various puzzle pieces of this massive scientific complex that have been put together under one roof for your entertainment and learning experience:

  • Steinhart Aquarium: This unique aquarium is home to 38,000 live animals from around the world including African penguins, sharks and stingrays. It also houses a beautiful Philippine Coral reef and mangrove which sits in 212,000 gallons of water and is surrounded by delicate corals, blacktip reef sharks, stingrays, and vibrant reef fish— replicating one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. Other galleries include a 100,000-gallon Northern California Coast tank, a giant sea bass and an elusive giant Pacific octopus! You’ll also see the Rainforests of the World Gallery, complete with exotic reptiles and a “Flooded Forest” tank, as well as the “The Swamp Gallery”, which is home to both American alligators and snapping turtles.
  • Morrison Planetarium: The all-digital planetarium in the world, Morrison features a state-of-the-art projector and software, which gives visitors the most accurate and interactive digital universe ever created! The dome has a 75-foot projection screen on which visitors can watch movies such as the current films, Habitat Earth, Fragile Planet and learn about how life on earth began with the first stars. Movies change at intervals, so check museum website for up-to-date showings.
  • Kimball Natural History Museum: The Kimball Natural History Museum is an embodiment of the Academy's mission to explore, explain, and sustain life. While featuring immersive exhibits that illustrate the patterns and processes of evolution, it also explores ways we can help to protect that diversity.The Academy’s 150-plus years of research and 20 million specimens make this well-worth the visit. Exhibits include the African Hall (mounted lions, zebras, baboons, tortoise and an entire colony of African penguins). You’ll also see the Foucault pendulum, which shows proof of the Earth’s rotation, and an 87-foot-long blue whale skeleton sitting next to a T-Rex!
  • Rainforests of the World: Step into a 4-story living rainforest, dripping with water, and full of croaking frogs and noisy birds. You’ll have the chance to look inside a Borneo bat cave, see chameleons from Madagascar, and climb into the tree-tops of Costa Rica to see free-flying birds and butterflies! One of the highlights is the glass elevator that brings you into the flooded forest of the Amazon, putting you in an acrylic tunnel that lets you walk under catfish and arapaima as they swim above you!

Don’t miss this massive science complex. CalAcademy is a place that legitimately makes learning fun for the younger members of your family, but also a super-entertaining trip for any age through the habitats of all the world’s animals, fish, plants, and much more! Conde Nast called the California Academy of Sciences one of the “Modern Wonders of the World”, and it’s no secret that this is one of San Francisco’s most exciting attractions.

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Getting In

Proceed to the ticket office window or service desk and present your admission pass to any Ticket agent for entry. Be sure to get your admission pass back from the staff as you will need it to access your other attractions.


Monday-Saturday, 9:30 am-5:00 pm; Sunday, 11:00 am-5:00 pm
(Last ticket entry to CA Academy of Sciences is at 4:00 pm)


Academy is free to the general public on select Sundays throughout the year and admission is provided on a first-come, first-served basis on these dates. We advise visiting on an alternate date to avoid massive crowds.

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55 Music Concourse Drive
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA 94118

Public Transportation

Muni to Golden Gate Park: The #44-O'Shaughnessy bus stops across from the Academy.
The #5-Fulton and the #21-Hayes stop at 8th and Fulton Streets, just outside the park.
The N-Judah Muni Metro streetcar stops at 9th Avenue and Irving Street; the Academy is a 5 minute walk.

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