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Escape from the Rock tickets

Gate Prices Adult $42.00
Child (3-12) $28.00

Circle around Alcatraz, recently voted #1 Landmark in the United States by TripAdvisor

Circle this infamous prison rising from the mist as you listen to harrowing accounts of confinement: the grisly characters, the failed escapes, the brutality of life on "the Rock." Never fear: You'll escape unscathed … and very entertained!

The mist coming off the water of the San Francisco Bay adds to the mystery and allure of notorious Alcatraz Prison, with the rust-colored Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and the rocks of the island telling a tale of inescapable confinement. Many convicts attempted escape, but prison officials maintained that in the history of the detention center, not one prisoner was successful, and in fact, many met their demise trying to flee. Blue & Gold Fleet brings you the Escape from the Rock Cruise, a 90-minute adventure that takes you under the Golden Gate Bridge, circling Alcatraz and letting you see the infamous prison from every angle, without actually docking on its shores (probably for the best- given the reputation of Alcatraz, you might never leave!) . You’ll be accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide, and as a special bonus, children between the ages of 5 and 11 will receive a complimentary pair of Blue & Gold souvenir binoculars before their trip!

Your guide will tell harrowing accounts of the various escape attempts made by Alcatraz inmates, and you’ll learn about the brutality of life on “the Rock”, as Alcatraz is commonly known. Blue & Gold’s “fully-loaded” tour is complete with sound effects and stories about Al Capone, Billy Cook the Killer, Clyde Johnson, and other ruthless criminals who were served with justice and sentenced to long stretches on this impenetrable island. Alcatraz Island is located 1.5 miles off the coast of California, and the prison was in use until 1963. The hauntingly barren island that housed some of the nation’s worst criminals for 29 years is now uninhabited, and all that remain are the abandoned prison building, as well as the oldest operating lighthouse on the west coast of the United States.

In the operating life of the prison, there were 14 recorded escape attempts, six of which ended in the fatal shootings of prisoners by guards and three which ended with the men being lost at sea, their bodies never found. On May 2, 1945, a group of six prisoners led an escape attempt, which failed, but came to be known as the “Battle of Alcatraz”. In June of 1962, three prisoners were successful, carrying out one of the most meticulously-planned escapes in history, which consisted of chiseling away at concrete around an air vent with spoons and scraps of metal. The prisoners reached the waters of the Bay, but are said to have drowned due to cold water temperatures.

Unlike the many convicts who attempted a getaway, you will escape from “the Rock” unscathed, and leave your tour with a greater understanding of the role Alcatraz Prison played in the American justice system. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a unique part of American history and lore with Blue & Gold Fleets Escape from the Rock Cruise!

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Getting In

Head to the Yellow Ticket Booth on the west side of Pier 39 (between Pier 39 and Pier 41) and present your pass to receive a cruise ticket.


Daily at 11:30am
Friday – Sunday and Holidays: additional cruise at 3:45pm.

Schedule subject to change. Please check for the most up-to-date hours of operation.


Christmas Day. All holiday hours are subject to change without notice.


Available in nine languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, German, and Taiwanese.

Participants use their own smartphone, iPad or any Wi-Fi enabled device to listen, with or without earbuds.

  • Connect to the free and secure Wi-Fi network on the boat
  • Open browser to the Blue & Gold Fleet Tour landing page
  • Select language of choice


Ticket Booth on West side of PIER 39 (between Pier 39 and Pier 41)
San Francisco, CA

Driving Directions

Entering the city from either the Golden Gate Bridge or the Bay Bridge, follow signs to Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. Parking is available at the Pier 39 parking garage.

Public Transportation

F-Line Trolley to PIER 39

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